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Sorting though our collections of postcards evokes memories. Handling these physical relics of moments taken during unique journeys frames that time. Each one could elicit thoughts of the table upon which they were written, the dust-filled roadside the street as its clatter passed by. All moments we wish to share. I never tired of writing these postcards. They were ancilliary to letters, but I could not even say enough in letters. The travel pieces on this site are some of the other things I wanted to say, and failed to. Here is the chance to say all those things, and to say them better.


The Hong Kong Diary is an impertinently biased view into the lurid world of human governance, which in Hong Kong is proving to be just as intractable, vicious and fissiparious as it is anywhere else in the world. Since I started putting these articles here, society has become even more divisive and factional. I am not sure when I would start doing new ones.